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GreenHeart provides functional life skills and services that give our members the opportunity to learn, share and grow. Our mission is to positively impact the physical and mental well-being of our community. All living things interconnect with nature and therefore depend upon a safe nurturing environment. 

The objective of our work is to break down socioeconomic barriers across all genders, ages and abilities, regardless of an individual’s education or upbringing. We aim to instil the mind-set that 'wellness' is something we all have to work at and this must be taken seriously. 

‘To help a person re-orient their experience, they must be encouraged to find compassion. When human beings re-establish the need for self-care they respect the environment more. This winning combination breeds healthy, happy, societies free from disease.'

GreenHeart Community
Doncaster, UK, tel: 07951138579
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