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With the current climate for health and social care reaching climax and front-line services struggling to meet demand, the need for more harmony is evident. A transformational shift is required, where everyone recognises, they are a stakeholder of change. Whether it’s the public, private or voluntary sector, the mindset must focus on Community Ecological Development. Why? Because everyone is impacted by the environment in which they live. Interdependency is the nature of all living things, and knowing this breeds optimism.

For communities to become safer, healthier and more reliable requires a humanistic and ecological approach. The purpose of this manifesto is to introduce a logical and sustainable model for harmonious living, one that improves welfare and contentment for all. Such aims focus on an economy that wholeheartedly meets people’s needs before commercial growth.

Moral Wounding

To align with one another and embrace our wholeness requires an atmosphere of hope and empowerment. Hope is like a spark; it fuels empowerment. Without hope, there’s a tendency to question the status quo. Without healthy validation, the human tendency is to withdraw. When we have to ask questions about the balance and fairness of things, it is disempowering. Such moral wounding dampens the spirit and fuels despair. As a result, neurosis and addiction are on the rise. This is the epidemic healthcare might do better to focus upon.

Tipping the Scales

To balance the scales of wealth and health may seem radical and yet requires no more than a shift in attitude. A logical approach to how we structure our priorities will achieve a more equitable outcome for the whole. The most primal common denominators for human health and contentment are food, shelter, entertainment and social connection. These branches are how we measure the success of a Greenheart Community. To foster the mindset of ‘we’ over ‘me’ requires trust, which must be earned from those who drive community services. With community confidence, we can better educate people to take more responsibility for their health and longevity. This approach will significantly reduce work-related stress, long term illness and improve end-of-life care.

Community Ecological Development – the time is ripe!

To cultivate a diverse and thriving community, we need to look no further than mother nature. A Greenheart Community will base itself on an ‘eco-logical approach. To do this, we call upon the model of permaculture. This natural resilience method embraces cross-pollination through regenerative agriculture. When planting seeds from this perspective, the farmer capitalises on diversity to improve his yield and, in doing so, leaves behind more fertile soil for future crops to thrive. All that’s required is a strong foundation, a little know-how, and some tender love and care. A Greenheart Community approaches people-care with the same vigilance.

To Conclude

Rising global health costs and a disproportioned economy is causing our population to become agitated. The current political landscape breeds prejudice which limits choice and fuels frustration. We cannot measure human evolution by how busy our health care systems are.

This document merely offers a seed of intention. Without water, it could shrivel up and die. Watering is the responsibility of every one of us if we are to avoid the sour fruit of poverty. You do not need a degree to understand this concept; it requires nothing more than a willingness to stand up and be counted. 

If you follow similar Greenheart policies, we welcome you to share your services on our local provider map.

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