Your PCE’s Score

What is a PCE?

P.C.E stands for Positive Childhood Event.
Although PCE’s cannot overwrite traumatic events, it can be beneficial to recognise them.

To find you PCE score answer the following questions:

1. I felt able to talk to my family about feelings


2.I felt my family stood by me during difficult times


3.I enjoyed being involved in community gatherings


4.I felt a sense of belonging at school


5.I felt supported and understood by my friends


6.I had at least two non-parent adults who took genuine interest in me


7.I felt safe and protected by an adult in my home


8.I felt like I was listened to as a child


9.I had a safe upbringing without conflict


10.I did not want for too many things


Unlike an your ACE score, the higher the number the better

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