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Built on years of experience and the latest research in human development

Understanding the ‘level of need’ is crucial in the complex field of well-being. ‘Functional Signposting’ provides a snapshot of an individual’s physical and mental life journey (psychopathology) and assists them in finding accurate support. The diagnostic questionnaire homes-in on key factors often corolated with life stress.  

The Q & A process helps users and service providers better understand any complexities and builds awareness around personal development and/or therapeutic interventions.

Our biomarkers cover mental health, physical activity, social engagement and adverse childhood events (ACES). Singularly these impact on wellbeing; intertwined they can have dramatic consequences on long term health.  

Diagnostic questions of this nature raise appreciation and curiosity towards addressing wellbeing outside of conventional realms. We equally appreciate the barriers that prevent people from looking at alternative methods and suggest users keep an open mind.

We considered the following in our research

  •  What would it take to keep the user coming back? ·
  •  What are core regulation tactics?
  •  How can the user track progress?
  •  Signposting valuable resources?
  •  Addressing change and addictive behaviours 
  •  Tackling loneliness and social isolation
  •  Early intervention and prevention

An individual's capacity to learn is influenced strongly by their neuro-physiological `state' (e.g. their state of curiosity rather than a state of boredom).

Transformation (Psychological needs theory)

 Stress prolongs healing and perpetuates crisis… 

 A healthy relationship with oneself, friends, colleagues, family and the environment, equates to a healthy immune system which greatly impacts well-being. 

Gene expression is a regulation process that causes human cells to respond to stimuli from their environment. Our diagnostic questions reveal biomarkers which impact well-being. With the right intention completing the questionnaire alone can asssit transformion.

Areas Covered:

BIOLOGY: Physical fitness, lifestyle, pain threshold, sleep, diet and methylation – the ability to detoxify. Taking a holistic approach to the body.

PSYCHOLOGY: Mental health, motivation, emotional intelligence, autonomy – coping with stressful life events. Psychology is impacted by co-factors outside the biological realm.

SOCIAL: Family, career, time spent outside work, hobbies, etc. Social genomics now prove that isolation majorly impacts gene expression and therefore wellbeing. 



There is no single method or timeline for how we enter the nonlinear journey of wellbeing. It is a unique recipe for each individual. The ingredients for repair and recovery arise from every facet of life.

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